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Simply Mae Performing

An artist at her core, Mae paints her life experiences onto the page with her poetry. Having honed her craft through spoken word and publishing her first two collections West St (out of print) and Beautifully Redeemed, Mae is releasing her third book of poetry Conversations With My Mother on December 3rd, 2020. Through raw emotion and lyrical prose, this multilingual poet hopes to inspire other women through honest explorations of heartache, desire, femininity, love, and family. When she’s not writing, Mae can be found with a paintbrush in her hand or on a plane, seeking a new adventure.

Mae brings life to poetry by breathing out every word of honesty and experience in order to captivate a room full of people from all walks of life. She speaks of truth, but more importantly she speaks with heart

​​"People ask me how I can be so honest and open in my poetry, because I don't write my story for me. I write so the person in the back of the room knows she isn't alone. I see you. I'm just Simply Mae."


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